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Going Georgian

I've always loved history, but have never been a fan of the Georgian period, despite occasionally being seduced by the delights of the All things Georgian blog. For the last 6 weeks though I seem to have been obsessed with all things Georgian myself.

It all started with Edward Marston's period mystery Shadow of the hangman. I had read some of Marston's mysteries set in Tudor England, and enjoyed them, so I was interested to see how he would deal with a later period. It was an enjoyable enough read, with some interesting sidelights on the period - American prisoners of war in Dartmoor jail, bare-knuckle boxing, and an astonishing celebrity culture for those who made it big in the theatre. It was a fun read, but a mixture of thin characterisation, and an unconvincing story-line left me not that eager for more.

Andrew Taylor's period murder The scent of death, however was completely different and utterly compelling. We're part-way through the American War of Independe…

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