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The birds and the....dinosaurs

A few months ago I read Steve Brusatte's fascinating book The rise and fall of the dinosaurs. For days following the conclusion of the book I irritated every bird I met by squawking "Dinosaur" accusingly whenever I saw one. I even managed to shut up "Atticus", the finch who nests outside my bedroom window, and who is generally unquashable (we often come nose to beak in the early mornings as he's clearly a morning "person", and I'm.....not).

There was so much I loved about Brusatte's book. It was scientific, but easily understandable by those who are interested in the subject, but don't know a great deal about it (me!). Most of all, I loved that it told the story of the dinosaurs from a rather different angle. Here you could read not only about the creatures themselves, their evolution and their (apparent) extinction, but also about the then landscape of the earth, the continents that these amazing creatures found themselves living on, …

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