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Land of my dreams?

The third novel in Cynthia Harrod-Eagles' The war at home series reaches 1916. Land of my dreams sees the Hunter family about to be engulfed by the Battle of the Somme.

Diana, whose fiance has recently died, finds a new partner in an unexpected place. Sadie delights in some of the freedoms that the war has brought, while the shadow of an old love haunts Beattie. It's Laura however, who will have the biggest adventure...

I've enjoyed all of the War at home series, but oddly this was the volume that most emphasised to me what a different world it was. It's hard to believe reading this thoroughly researched novel that the events happened just over a century ago.

It was an odd time, in some ways more innocent than today, in others remarkably brutal and cruel. Young men die in the most callous ways in the trenches, and suffer unspeakable pain. Communication is poor, and often difficult. There is a great lack of knowledge both about sex and sexuality leading to pain and conf…

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