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A taste for death

And we're off - one book down in the Vintage Mystery / Just the facts Challenge. P.D. James' 1986 mystery A taste for death just makes it under the wire for the Silver challenge, and ticks off the death by dagger (or similar implement), in this case the victim's family heirloom cut-throat razor.

I remember reading this novel when it was first published, and even more than the wonderful Independent TV serializations of James's novels (Roy Marsden will forever be Adam Dalgleish for me, even if the rather more hirsute Martin Shaw is physically closer to James' description), this was the book that got me into P.D. James as a writer. Taste for death was highly praised at the time winning a Silver Dagger (James was beaten by Ruth Rendell), and was nominated for the 1987 Booker Prize. I can understand why it was nominated for the Booker, as the writing, as you would expect with James, is uniformly beautiful.

It's probably 20 years since I last read the novel, and alt…

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