....or in this case 206 of them. 206 Bones is Kathy Reichs' 2009 best-selling novel about the forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. I love this series, and this was another enjoyable and chilling outing for Tempe. A few downsides - it did feel as though it was moving much nearer to the TV series Bones. I like Bones, but always think of it as being a very different animal to the novels, but in this case Tempe does sometimes come across as a rather irritating know-it-all, much nearer to her twin character in the TV series.

However the book is compulsive reading, even though sometimes some of the plot does seem a little unlikely. A serial killer appears to be attacking elderly women. With Brennan and Ryan on his trail the murderer will surely be caught quickly, but Brennan's formidable forensic skills appear to be deserting her, or is someone actually out to sabotage her? And can Ryan find Brennan before the murderer does? An exciting compulsive read, just don't analyse it too deeply.....


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