Primroses all the way....

The Old Bailey - Rumpole's domain
I do love John Mortimer's great comic character Rumpole of the Bailey. In Rumpole and the Primrose Path, the end appears to be in sight for the elderly barrister. Following a heart attack after a run-in with Judge Bullingham (aka The mad bull), Rumpole is ensconced in the Primrose Path Nursing Home while his fellow barristers plan a memorial service for him. Rumpole however is very determined not to die, and having scented out a scam at the nursing home makes his escape in his own inimitable style and makes a triumphant re-appearance at the Old Bailey.

Rumpole is a great comic creation, hilarious, wise, and humane. And this selection of short stories sees John Mortimer and Rumpole in fine style. Eminently readable, best read with a glass of Rumpole's very own Chateau Thames Embankment. Enjoy.


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