Bare Bones

Another cracking read from Kathy Reichs - she's a great thriller writer. Well rounded characters, cleverly constructed crimes often with an interesting subplot (in this case the fight against the importation of endangered species and products related to them), lots of science, which is clearly explained and never gets in the way of understanding the plot or of the flow of the narrative, all at a cracking pace.

She's just great - I haven't read a bad novel by her yet. Temperance Brennan is a great heroine - although, fans of the series will find her very different from her tv counterpart. Conversely fans of the novels may need a bit of adjustment to take to the series (as I did). Although there are some similarities, Bones is generally a much lighter, comical take on forensic science. There is humour in the novels, although inevitably it is somewhat black, but they generally tend to be much more serious in nature. Doubly interesting because Kathy Reichs does in reality what Tempe does in fiction, so there's a real voice of authority in what she writes. Fascinating stuff.


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