The way of St. James

I love old roads - paths that have been followed for centuries, and the feeling of history that surrounds them. Horseshoes and Holy Water: On the Hoof from Canterbury to Santiago de Compostelais an enchanting travel book charting the journey on horseback from England to Spain of 2 sisters following the old pilgrimage routes to the shrine of St. James Matamoros. One sister is religious (the non-author), the other isn't, and most of the book is a pretty matter-of-fact re-telling of their journey, with snippets of architecture, history, horse (and Bedford van)-lore, and the odd spiritual moment.

It's a real fun, uplifting read. Since completing the Santiago de Compostela journey, Mefo Phillips, who wrote the book, has also ridden on lovely Leo to Rome, hopefully a book about this journey will be published soon. The original ride was in aid of the Pilgrim Hospices in the Faversham area, and the second ride to Rome was also in aid of charity, this time the Alzheimer's Society, after her mother, lovingly mentioned in the first book, fell victim to the condition. Although her webpage is no longer operational the Alzheimer's Society will accept donations at Alzheimers donations.


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