The joy of Wodehouse

Thank You, Jeeves was P.G. Wodehouse's first novel about Bertie Wooster, and his unflappable manservant Jeeves. Knowing this made the book slightly confusing, as many anecdotes relating to events that had happened prior to this novel were mentioned, some of which were explained in greater detail, others, it was just assumed that the reader would understand what had happened previously. I can only think that Wodehouse had either published many Jeeves and Wooster short-stories prior to the publication of Thank you Jeeves or had some sort of Jeeves & Wooster column.

Either way, although not one of his best, the novel is screamingly funny. Wooster on the run from banjolele-hating neighbours, and having lost his man Jeeves (the banjolele is a step too far for Jeeves also), ends up staying in a cottage on the estate of his old pal Lord Chuffnell. To his horror, an ex-girlfriend and her Wooster-hating father are also on the estate. Ex and old pal fall in love, but father proves to be an obstacle. Can Wooster bring the lovers together, remove the boot polish from his face, and avoid his new hatchet wielding manservant? Well, of course he can, especially when aided by the incomparable Jeeves.

Hilarious and gives you a great taster of the delights of Wodehouse to come.


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