Songs My Mother Never Taught Me

Ummmm, errrrr, yes. I found this "brilliantly edgy, witty thriller" - as it was described on the front cover, completely incomprehensible. If anyone out there has read it and enjoyed it, please tell me what I'm missing, because I just didn't get it at all.

A young man (A) attempts to track down the man who murdered his father (B), both have narrative voices in the novel. Meanwhile the sinister Selcuk Altun, a sinister banker and friend of A's father (also in reality the name of the author) throws puzzles in the direction of A, which will eventually lead to the uncovering of B. A sometimes appears to be who he says he is, sometimes appears to lead a parallel life (he has never married in one version of his life, but is divorced in another), and sometimes appears to be his own father. Meanwhile his girlfriend disfigured in a ghastly accident spends days at a time watching the Athens Olympics in 2005, even though they took place in 2004. Confused? So was I.

Was glad to get to the end of the book, and felt like lying in a darkened room for some time afterwards. It was certainly an experience, but not one I'd particularly like to repeat.


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