Death of an Expert Witness

Death of an expert witness is classis P.D. James, an unlikeable scientist is found murdered in a remote forensic laboratory in the depths of the Fens. Since re-reading Death of an expert witness a few years ago, this has been one of my favourite crime novels, principally because it's actually set not far from where I live (Part of the novel takes place within 10 minutes walk!)

Following the death of Lorrimer, the lives of the laboratory staff are laid open by the police sent in to investigate the murder. It's well plotted, and also well solved,  a police procedural in the best sense of the word, although there is a dramatic revelation the police have already solved the murder by logic even before the revelation confims what they already suspected. There's a wonderful sense of atmosphere to the novel, and also a real poignancy about the events surrounding sudden death.

It's a good read, not perhaps one of P.D. James' very best, but not far off.


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