They Have Their Exits

They have their exits by Airey Neave is the true story of the former British MP's wartime service, and his life immediately following the Second World War. Initially imprisoned in Poland following his capture near Calais around the time of Dunkirk, he was banished to Colditz after an escape attempt, and then became the first British prisoner-of-war to successfully escape the prison camp, and make a "home-run". Following the War, his legal training was put to use at the Nuremberg trials, where he met many of the architects of the Nazi regime.

This is an astonishing book. It has the excitement of a Boy's Own adventure story, but is also a reflection on the tragedy of war, and the courage of ordinary people caught up in it. His account of the resistance workers, and those who helped with the escape lines is invariably moving. A very interesting read.


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