My Brother Michael

It's a shame that Mary Stewart is one of those mystery writers who has rather gone out of fashion. At one time the "woman in peril" mystery had a great vogue, and I must admit to a soft spot for them. It may be slightly dated, but My brother Michael is a superb mystery - and a great read shortly after reading the real-life adventure of The Villa Ariadne set in nearby Crete

Camilla Haven, attempting to recover from a broken engagement, tours Greece, but in spite of the enchanting scenery is bored. When she is unexpectedly asked to take a car to Delphi on a matter of life or death, she is swept up into a mystery. She meets up (and naturally falls in love with) Simon, who is trying to trace exactly what happened to his brother, who was killed during the Second World War in Greece. The mystery revolves around the rather nastier, and less well known side, of the Greek resistance, which was decimated by in-fighting towards the end of the war.

It sounds very simple, but it's beautifully told with a real sense of place, and a definite love for the country and its people. Well worth reading - I'm sure it would be absolute bliss to read it in the place it's set in - made me want to pack my bags and head to Greece immediately - murder or not.


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