Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island
This month seems to be the month of feisty Edwardian heroines (as well as the start of the 666 Challenge, and catching up on a couple of re-reads that were missed from last year's challenge). Anne of Green Gables manages to fullfill all three of these briefs. Green gables is the first novel in L.M. Montgomery's series about the vivacious orphan girl, Anne Shirley, and her adventures on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I first read Green Gables as a child, but haven't read it for many years. I'd forgotten how funny it is, and also how moving. There is occasionally a touch of the goodie-goodie child of Victorian fiction, but generally Anne comes across as a realistic portrait of a child of her times with many of the incidents, I suspect, coming from real life.

This is definitely a series I would like to re-read/read again, never having read the full sequence. Gloriously funny, and with a big wodge of nostalgia it's a great read. Perfect for gloomy winter days, a real up-lifter.


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