The Scent of the Night

Porto Empedocle (now re-named Porto
Empedocle Vigata), Andrea Camilleri's
home-town and the location for the
Inspector Montalbano mysteries.
Scent of the night is the sixth book in the Montalbano series. It's of Camilleri's usual high standard, and I found it one of the eeriest of his books. When a scam artist disappears Montalbano is drawn into the mystery, but has the crook really made off with a fortune, or has something even more sinister happened?

This novel features many characters and incidents from previous books, and so might potentially be a little confusing as a first Montalbano read. Having said that it is a cracking story with an unexpected and very spooky resolution, and is, I think, one of the best in the series. Camilleri brings the people and landscape of Sicily lovingly to life. The story is shot through with humour and cookery hints, but resolutely remains a strong crime novel. Entertaining, easy to read, and highly recommended.


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