Things that make me happy

Just a quick digression here - I've had a rotten time since Christmas, got back from visiting some relatives to discover that some charming so-and-so (yes, my original language was MUCH stronger) had nicked my heating oil. So for the last week I've been cold without central heating or hot water.

Thanks to a wonderful oil company, who put in a speedy delivery I'm finally warm again. It made me think, because when everything is going horribly wrong the whole of life looks dreadful. I don't think that it was just that I was feeling more positive because I could feel my toes again, but today has been great - I laughed twice before I'd even got to work.

So....things to be thankful for - having hot water and heating and a roof over my head (even if it leaks), having two dogs who think I'm wonderful, if slightly mad, one of whom (Alfie) always makes me laugh. I returned to the house this morning having forgotten something that I needed to take to work. Dylan, the Yorkie cross, was waiting at the dog gate to say hello, but Alfie, the spaniel, had vanished. I found him looking thoughtful - in the bath(!) Perhaps an Archimedes reincarnation?

Then finally started off to work, and spotted a llama, wearing a tartan rug, eating its breakfast on the river bank. Now that was a bit unexpected, even by Fenland standards......


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