Unnatural Causes

I haven't read Unnatural causes by P.D. James for some time, and I'd forgotten what a good thriller it is. Adam Dalgleish's holiday with his aunt is spoiled when a writer from her small coastal community goes missing, and is later found washed up near her home in a dinghy minus his hands. The cause of death appears to be natural, but something is clearly wrong. Dalgleish is pulled into the investigation unwillingly and ends up battling a most vengeful murderer.

This is a particularly gruesome story, but very cleverly plotted with a most unexpected murderer, and a very unpleasant death for the victim(s). It's a typical James in that there is a small community of potential murderers, and suspicion is laid lightly on each in turn. The ending is dramatic, and her beloved Suffolk is brought lovingly to life. As an introduction to James you could do worse than start with Unnatural causes.


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