Death in Oslo

I've probably read most of the writers who are classed as Nordic Noir. The one who I've always missed up to now is the highly praised Jo Nesbo. The Redeemer is the fourth novel in his series of Harry Hole adventures. And I absolutely loved it.

Written at a cracking pace, it is brilliantly written, with a tense convoluted plot, an unexpected twist in the tale, and a wonderful hero. Yes, he is your usual alcoholic downbeat rebellious cop, but Harry Hole has a real soul, and is astonishingly believable and lovable.

This is noir writing at its best. It's Christmas time in Oslo, a time of peace and goodwill to all, but when a Salvation Army worker is gunned down by a professional hitman at a carol concert, it's clear that all is not well in the Christmas tree giving capital of the world. Hole's investigation will take him into some murky byways before confronting a most unusual murderer and a far from innocent victim.

Nesbo has the gift of turning the moral order upside down, shaking it, and making you look at it in a completely different way. I was blown away by this classy thriller and look forward to reading more.


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