A while ago I was in the local library and came across two Arnaldur Indridason novels that I hadn't read before. I chose, the previously reviewed, Outrage. Back in the library again I found the other "unread" Indridason Hyporthermia, and was delighted to start reading it - only to discover that I had actually read it before, even worse I had reviewed it before!

Re-reading this earlier review I find it even more incomprehensible that this novel could have slipped so completely from my memory. My recent re-reading confirms my earlier review, this is surely the best of Indridason's series of Erlendur mysteries. A truly great crime which does owe a lot to earlier mysteries such as The woman in white, Les Diaboliques, and Gaslight. It's none the weaker for that though, I think this is one of the strongest of his murder mysteries, and also as far as the ubiquitous missing person's case is concerned is one of Indridason't most moving tales. The end of the novel also sets up the denouement of Outrage nicely.

Quite simply this is a stunning read, and should be unforgettable.


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