Poirot at Christmas

So, it's December. I thought I might as well try to get myself into a festive mood, as I always feel rather Scroogish when faced by a mound of unwritten Christmas cards, so plucked Hercule Poirot's Christmas from the shelves of my local library.
This is a great fun Christie published for Christmas 1939, it has all the features that any classic crime fan will appreciate. A country house murder, an odious victim done in in a particularly unpleasant way, a locked room murder mystery, and a full cast of possible suspects who may, or may not be, who they claim to be. Ok, the eventual solution is somewhat unlikely, but it's a fun read with all the classic Christie traits that every fan loves.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and a nice light easy read. Just the thing in fact to read after a surfeit of turkey and Christmas pud - so there's your Christmas afternoon sorted, and in the evening - well, it's got to be Murder in the dark of course...


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