A Christmas Carol through the years

One book that has unfailingly been part of my Christmas since I was about 6 years old is Charles Dickens' A Christmas carol. I'm not going to review it, as I've already reviewed it several times (see here or here!), but I thought Bookhounders might like to have a look at various visual representations of the novel, including a cartoon version, that I remembered loving as a young child (I think it may have been the cartoon and Alastair Sim's voice that lured me to the book initially).

Then there's the well-known version from the 1950s (also starring Alastair Sim)

An early sound adaptation. This is interesting as it starred Seymour Hicks, who had played Scrooge as early as the late nineteenth century! Did you know that A Christmas Carol was the subject of Dickens' first reading given at Birmingham Town Hall in 1852? The readings played a pivotal part in the plot of the recently reviewed Drood.

A spooky silent edition from the United States (1910)

And finally a clip of the very earliest film adaptation dating from 1901, and now in the British Film Institute

I hope you all have a joyous Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year. Bookhound will be back before the end of the year with some more reviews and the inevitable look back on 2014. As Tiny Tim would say "God bless us every one."


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