Ghost in the works

Pamela Hartshorne's House of shadows was an unexpected treat. Part ghost-story, part historical romance, part woman in danger thriller; this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital after a nasty fall from the tower of the family's ancestral home. She has no memory of her family that are gathered anxiously around her. And when her memory does start to come back, her memories relate to a woman who lived 400 years earlier. So what's the connection between the earlier memories and Kate's recent fall? And is danger just in the past? Is she mad, or does this all make rather crazy sense?

House of shadows is a really clever time-slip novel. And every section whether back in Tudor times, or with a modern-day dysfunctional family work brilliantly. Okay, there needs to be a fairly hefty suspension of disbelief, but it's a most enjoyable read. Cleverly constructed, a wonderful sense of brooding menace, and a book that should have a wide readership - whether you're into mystery, ghosts, or romance. Highly recommended.


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