The Nonesuch

Last week I spent 4 days without reading. Anyone knowing me knows that this must mean that something is seriously wrong. I woke up a week last Saturday feeling "odd", as soon as I tried to sit up, I was hit by waves of vertigo. I had come down with a nasty attack of labyrinthitis. This sounds as though it should be rather glamorous (I had visions of being pursued round a maze by a minotaur). Sadly it's not at all glamorous, just miserable and sickening. I'm now feeling slightly better, but still off work, whoozy, and with the attention span of a gnat.

So, while recuperating, it had to be something light, easy, nothing I had to concentrate on too hard, something I could just pick up and put down. Thank the Good Lord for Georgette Heyer and The Nonesuch. Nonesuch is a delightful, frothy, Jane Austen era romantic comedy. The ladies of North Yorkshire are all in a spin (rather like me!) when Sir Waldo Hawkridge also known as the Nonesuch for his sporting abilities and dazzling good looks moves into an empty house that needs a lot of improvement. Hawkridge only has eyes for Miss Trent, governess to the irrepressible Tiffany Wield, the local beauty (and she knows it!).

As Miss Wield prepares to flee the district, Hawkridge's cousin attempts to reunite her with her governess, prevent her losing her reputation and reunite the lovers.

It's a wonderful light read guaranteed to brighten any sickbed. Great period detail, very funny, beautifully delineated characters. A delightful read.


Aarti said…
This was my first Georgette Heyer, so it has a special place in my heart :) Upon re-reads, I find the whole misunderstanding more and more far-fetched and the heroine's insistence on telling people how much money she makes a bit tiring. But Waldo is just so nice, and I love him.
Margaret Jones said…
I agree with you, Aarti, that the misunderstanding does seem rather daft. I loved Waldo too, I even rather liked the dreadful Theophania Wield, who is gloriously over the top.

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