Stephanie Plum III

Right, I'm aiming here for one of my shorter blog posts. Love Janet Evanovich's New Jersey based, female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum - she's feisty, inept and totally hilarious. You can see reviews of the earlier Plum novels here and here. I wasn't quite as keen on the third novel in the series - Three to get deadly as the earlier ones, though it does have its moments. Stephanie's orange hair and the death-threat to Rex the hamster got me giggling. It's a pretty good cover too...
...but for some reason the novel didn't quite work for me. Part of the problem I think was that Evanovich was trying to combine a rather more serious backstory with the comedy that's to the fore, and they didn't quite mesh. The other problem was that there was just too much of the romance element. (Morelli and Stephanie please get on with it, and let's cut back to the jokes and the suspense).

All in all an entertaining light read, but not the best in the series (and bring back the Buick!)


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